StarLight Mystic

My Third Eye was opened when I was a little girl. Ever since, I’ve been on a spiritual journey of cosmic awakening. My spiritual gifts help you make better choices in your Life. I love helping people with their personal transformation in the areas of well-being & spiritual growth. For over 20 years, I’ve had tremendous success with people who contact me for help. My clients have been senior executives & people from all walks of Life. I offer online consultations by phone or other platform, which makes it easy & convenient for you.

This all began after a personal tragedy. When I was 12, my Dad almost died. That made me want to learn about healing. I knew of Jesus healing people and became curious how I might help others. Later on, after college, I was bedridden after an injury & had to heal myself. In order to do this, I studied with masters from every discipline I could find. I learned healing from the inside out & follow what I call, Wisdom Keepers. I can help you develop your intuition & create a beautiful life. No matter what your current circumstances.

In college, I studied Humanities, which includes, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, the Socratic Method of Dialogue, Theology, World Religions, Anthropology, Fine Arts, Literature, Performing Arts, and Leadership Styles. In France, I studied Cinema, Architecture, Social Geography, and French Culture. Later I continued with studies in Video, Interactive Technology, Business, but eventually shifted back to the holistic healing arts which I first learned about in grade school: Yoga, Live Foods, Emotional Release, Reiki, Essential Oils, Dream Therapy, Color Therapy, Meditation, Intuitive Development, Astrology, Breathwork, Shamanism, etc.

I’ve been helping men & women with their personal transformation goals, now for decades, and love what I do. Each of you is like a rose blossoming into such beauty! My vision is that now, in the 21stC, we have this unprecedented potential to express at our highest potential.

I learned so much as a Pain Relief Counselor. It’s really about becoming present for ourselves the way we wish others would or could. Empowerment is about waking up to our spiritual nature. At our essence, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And the more we perceive from that vantage point, the more gracefully we navigate this Earthly Life.

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