Spiritual Revolution

There is a Spiritual Revolution happening now!

In one year, my Facebook page, Waking Up as a Spiritual Being, went from 500 to 2200 fans, without me even trying! This I know is because the people of our planet are starving for spiritual guidance as each person awakens to a rapidly changing world. Individuals like you & I are seeking sustenance in a material world for our spiritual souls. Witness this grand awakening of sentient beings.

We are being reminded again & again, to look within. The answers are usually within, when we slow down to both ask & listen to our higher selves impart the wisdom we so dearly seek. This is how spiritual counseling, for our confusion to be dissolved, how spiritual coaching, for our spiritual goals, and how spiritual guidance, for our journey of awakening, can support us from one milestone to another.

But which spiritual tradition shall you follow?

Studying world religions was one of the best endeavors of my spiritual progress. Once I realized that the indoctrination of my childhood could only take me so far, and did little to dispel the resulting confusion, I opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart to learn what theology of the many great religions could teach. But it hasn’t ended there. Although I discovered that the “Golden Rule” is the essence of most every path & philosophy, indeed LOVE is the one true religion, then I felt this ecstatic clarity.

So doesn’t it become simple for us spiritual seekers to find this all-encompassing, all-pervasive Love, and continue on our Life journey?

Next, the question that arises, is “What do I do now?”. Now that I know Love is almost always the answer to many quandaries, I look for road signs on my Journey forward. 

“What’s your purpose?” Answer this and you have aligned with the Divine. Your purpose is multi-faceted, but at its core is a wealth of information. Your purpose will guide you forward and as such, gives you the support you need to enjoy the Journey of Life. The Journey of Life IS the Journey of Awakening. And remember, “You came to live in Joy”.