Ascension Pathways

Ascension is pure intention.

There are so many ways to ascend into your Divine Sovereignty. Depending on your sensibilities, you will prefer some modalities or spiritual practices more than others. Some people may stay with one, or one primary practice for many years, or a lifetime. Others will need to survey a great many modalities as they progress on their spiritual awakening. It’s up to you. And this survey or these modalities & practices will teach you much about your true Nature.

When you are rising from the depths of your soul, you will seek wisdom like air to breathe. Sorting out from the confusion of conflicting stories, you will look forward sign posts to help guide you. Your inner being is the best reference. This is why emotions & feelings are not enemies, but indicators of the direction you are wanting. However, just because it feels good in the moment doesn’t mean it will set well in the days & years to come.