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This is where you discover who you really are and what you are really here to do. Book a reading & delve into your hidden needs & desires. Clear your blocks & expand into your ultimate potential.


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Energy Medicine Woman

Energy Medicine is a form of alternative healing which addresses your emotional & spiritual well-being. As you release your energy blocks, you help restore the body’s natural ability to experience well-being. Relax & learn the ways of your natural life flow. Why do this? Reduce stress Gain confidence Improve health Have more fun Energy Medicine…

Essential Well-Being

Chances are your attitude impacts the circumstances of your Life. When we develop a confidence about ourselves & our lives, we are better equipped to realize our hopes & dreams. Happiness is a big deal to a lot of people, and for good reason: “We came to live in Joy.” If you’re not living a…

Happiness Coaching

There are many types of Life Coaching, Counseling, Reading, & Personal Consultations. The Starlight Mystic offers Happiness Coaching to help with depression, anxiety, grief, & overwhelm. Your happiness is of the utmost importance. Of course sometimes you must compromise or even sacrifice, as Life usually gives us decades to learn our lessons. But, once you…

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